Make your event share-worthy with Invitatio updates!

Here is something new and very user-friendly about Invitatio Files Share option!

If you host the event, you can set the files share option via your administration – simply download the files and choose who has an access to them – registered attendees, paid attendees, everyone or no one at all? The option is super handy not only to share the event images or common information, but as some of our customers already do, you can share the training files, instructions, guidance and so on via the event page…

And with the new Invitatio App updates coming, we can’t wait to share one of the prettiest event options! The Event attendees can now share the images live via the app!

Activate the share option for your subscribers and let them stay mobile, make live photos, download and share event images, so all the event attendees can find out more about the event and keep some shared memories.