“Make it jazzy” or How to dress up your event page!

Everyone is used to a quick online search whenever he or she is interested in any kind of happenings. Hence, everyone is pretty familiar with most of presentation templates, especially when it comes to upcoming events agenda. All parties involved into organizing, presenting and selling events use more or less same online event planners. These websites look fine, but they might also be full of external links, constantly redirecting you to another tabs with every single step. And if on the way you are being constantly fed with loads of ads, in the end you’re just tired of this never-ending online journey through just one event! Maybe you won’t quickly lose your interest for a once-in-years Beyoncé performance, but smaller events can easily lose you in two clicks just because of its poor page structure.

Thus, being bored with available options, we started INVITATIO, the event system of our own! At first – just for fun, to use in our inner circle of friends, partners and customers. Well, being the true geeks, we took a challenge to create a different in simplicity and appearance tool with no distracting advertising or additional mile of clicks away… What we wanted was just one page, swiped from top to toe, to have it all – a good-looking introduction, detailed agenda, location map and the customized registration form. And we got it! Compact, well-structured and basically handmade by anyone who uses it!

Not only we enjoy INVITATIO ourselves and spend good hours a day on developing it, but our partners became interested to become the first system’s subscribers! For which we cannot be more grateful!
In two words, we just made the sample, but it’s you who “dresses” the event page to make it attractive. No specific knowledge required! We are daily occupied improving the user-friendliness of INVITATIO.

And yet, if you are really keen for originality, you can always use your own HTML-skills or rely on our help to customize your project! Handy, isn’t it?

Now if you are any curious of how INVITATIO event pages can look like, check this example page for the imaginary event “All this JAZZ”, my personal favorite!

Attention! The payment module is activated only as the example, you can check its steps, but don’t proceed the payment itself!
All this Jazz!