As an advanced extra option we have implemented the online payment option, which makes INVITATIO event system complete. In case your event has an application or entrance fee, tickets on sale or deposit required – you can easily create the payment link and send it to your assignees. We work with Mollie – a technology-based company that is processing payments as a Payment Service Provider (PSP) with various payment methods including iDEAL, bank transfer, Bancontact/Mister cash, PayPal, Bitcoin and others. This means that you can only use our payment feature if you have your own Mollie account with the contract for all payment methods you can use.

Payment management tool includes following options


  • Create
  • Settings
  • Overview

First we advise to set your Mollie account information in “Settings”: fill in the e-mail and account details. Make sure that all the data is correct and pay attention that you have API key Mollie (test) and API key Mollie (production). You can switch this keys using the very first “Production” button on top of the account settings. So if you want to test the payment system first, simply switch production key to test key and make as many testing checkouts as you wish. As soon as you are back to production key, Mollie will process all transactions as actual (including fees).

Creating the payment link

Click “Create” and fill the “Link generating form”.

Choose the language first (Dutch or English), all the payment information will be automatically switched to it.

Fill in the invoice reference. For example: “entrance fee” or “ticket purchase”.

Fill the right amount. Important: please, write the number of cents in any case (using coma), even if it’s zero. For example: “€10,00”. Otherwise you won’t be able to save the form and go further.

Next you see the list of payment methods supported by Mollie. Make sure you are going to use one of them.

Additionally you can activate a discount option and set a discount on the purchase
  • Fill in the discount percentage
  • Fill in the number of days when discount is available (the discount deadline)
  • You will see the automatically counted adjusted amount (the total cost after discount).

Press “Save” and you will immediately get the automatically generated payment link. You can now copy and send it to recipient.

When recipient opens the link in internet browser, he/she sees the payment details and follows easy steps: picks the payment method, fills the payment form and checks the details. Recipient will also get the transaction details by e-mail.


Here you see all the payments generated including its statuses and links.