Frequently Asked Questions

Here is something you might wonder about Invitatio Event System

Do I have to be an IT-person to work with INVITATIO?
Absolutely not! We made a user-friendly software where you can use the ready event template and easily administrate it! In case you have any IT-related questions, we are happy to guide you through the system!
Absolutely! You can register for a free demo on our website, or just call us and we will arrange your Free Demo Event with a personal guidance! You are welcome!
Can I White-Label INVITATIO App?
Yes, sure! You can always contact us to find out more about your options!
Does INVITATIO App work in Offline mode??
Yes! You remain up-to-date even offline - on the plane, in the jungles, anywhere with no network your app is loading with the last changes you’ve made!
Is there the Payment Module to charge for event tickets?
Yes, Invitatio works with Mollie which provides a quick payment method and has a lot of functionalities. After you set the prices, our system generates the payment link and you can email it to your guests! Or they can pay the event via the Event Page if you choose so!
Are the additional system functionalities possible?
Yes, they are! We can always ajust your own INVITATIO account, add or edit its options, customize your projects and help with anything else to make your work with INVITATIO better! Contact us for any details.