We are happy to introduce the recent Invitatio System updates!

1. Page layout is now based on registration status, This update makes your events more dynamic! Event page sections will toggle according to visitor’s registration status. Not only the file section, but all layout sections can be toggled as event page visitors register for the event, Including the more detailed information for the new subscribers!

2. Events become more distinctive! The placeholder helps you making the events more personal than ever before. You can now use the visitor’s name in the header of your event page! Feel free to contact SBA for more information on this matter.

3. App update! Invitatio management environment had an update to set styling without HTML or CSS knowledge on the menu, headings and texts, so the Invitatio App could not be left behind. Now your app menu, headings and text styling will be conforming the settings in the management environment. As an active user of the INVITATIO Event System you can check it out right now!